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Possible victory on the TPP

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In spite of the fact that the news media has conducted a black out on all discussion of the TPP, it is very unpopular. Obama cannot find a single Democratic sponsor.

This is another victory for lefty bloggers and other alternative news sources. First we blocked Summers, then (with an assist from Putin) we blocked direct military intervention in Syria. Now we are on the cusp of blocking the TPP. Too early for a victory lap, but I am beginning to hope that we are beginning to turn around the political debate in our country.

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not so sure but hope you're right. I think they'll just wait until after 2014 election then pass this and the not so grand bargain. I have no reason to trust 0 or demodogs to do what's right for Main Street, they only have their puppet master best interest in mind.

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Has anybody ASKED Congress Critters why they're not signing on?

Other factors: anti-GMO'ers finally caught on to TPP's impact on their cause; also, Obama's a bit of lame duck (his approval rating has hit a new low of 38%)

Regardless of the above, from my perspective, mobilization and even exploitation of the TPP is abysmal. That's because it amounts to treason, and COULD have been milked for major, populist political gains. It should have been used to at least drive a wedge between the less sold-old D's and R's and those who would vote for it, if they thought they could get away with it.

Oh, well, I'm probably a bit of a curmudgeon.