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"Portfolio of Things to Generate an Income" - Hat Tip Lambert!

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If you haven't read Lambert's Water Cooler Links at NC today, these two (artfully juxtaposed) deserve amplification. Every bit as much as "Doctor" Sundararajan deserves to be widely mocked and reviled.

Class Warfare

“‘We may end up with a future in which a fraction of the work force would do a portfolio of things to generate an income — you could be an Uber driver, an Instacart shopper, an Airbnb host and a Taskrabbit,’ Dr. Sundararajan said” [New York Times]. You first, Perfesser! [Bold type added by me.]

You can earn $13K a year selling, er, fecal transplants [WaPo]. Something to add to my “portfolio of things to generate an income”! [Bold type added by me.]

The good doctor doesn't seem to realize that writing stuff like this is only going to accelerate the arrival of the Pitchfork Brigades. Not helpful to his Elite handlers or the NYT.

NOTE: A commenter at NC astutely remarked that "Doctor" Sundararajan's seems to be importing the Indian caste system mentality into what he thinks is jake for the 99.9% of the western world's economic slaves. Come to think of it, good timing on his part, since some of us are realizing that there is a class system and a class war going on over here, and "untouchables" is a good proxy for how the Point Oh One Percent Elites view the rest of us now that they pulled off their great wealth-transfer coup of 2007.


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I suppose, now that I think of it, that if we were eating our own shit, besides selling it, the cycle would be closed. A rent-collecting middleperson needed for both processes, of course!

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I'm glad you recognized the juxtaposition; part of what I do is act like a straightman, tossing out the beginnings of jokes for others to write the punchlines for! Although I have to say it was a surprise to have the joke show up here! In the Water Cooler concept, I get to return to my Eschatonian roots, which is nice.

Reframing this in 12-Point Platform terms -- the book I am gradually evolving here -- I'd point out that #4: Jobs Guarantee makes all this crap disappear, ending tremendous human suffering, waste of talent, etc., etc.