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Populist, Anti Fed Movement Up 23% in less than 1 month - "If you want to change something ... you have to go on the streets"

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Luke Rudkowki of interviews Lars Maehrholz, whose populist, anti-Fed movement is still growing rapidly. See Game Changing Major End The Fed Rally Planned in Europe

In just a few short weeks, the movement has grown from about 100 cities to 123 in Germany. (See my Jun 25 diary, non-camping, Occupy-like movement in Europe ramps up to 100 cities, in over 2 months. Lawrence Lessig, take note!)

Lars is now organizing a large rally for the 19th of July, in Berlin, where he hopes to get attendees from all the European cities where his movement is already having meetings. He hopes to get 10,000 attendees, or more.

Good luck, Lars!

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You're welcome. This is, to a large extent, the form I'd hoped Occupy would take, though I envisioned a bunch of local, short marches, all converging on an Occupy location. The point of such "spokes of the wheel" marches is to increase visibility, and thus, indirectly, recruiting.

But hey, whatever works. I had thought "wealth inequality" was a losing meme, but Occupy proved me wrong. Likewise, I never would have guess that "end the Fed" as a fundamental pillar would have legs, either. (Not until a lot of activism and public-spirited education had transpired, anyway.)

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Hey, Lambert. Since a) you're a front pager at b) you support Occupy c) supports Occupy and d) the anti-Fed movement is a lot like Occupy (and more practical, and thus with more potential) ........

would you please write a diary about it at No pressure, but the fate of democracy in the US, and thus the entire destiny of planet Earth, may depend on the timely growth of this movement.


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Hi Metamars, What's your Alternative to the Fed? I know what mine is. It's to nationalize the Fed and reorganize it under the Secretary of the Treasury, giving the Secretary the authority to direct the Fed to fill the Treasury spending account with reserves when needed to repay debt or perform already appropriated deficit spending.

Again, what's yours.? If it's just to abolish the Fed, and place nothing else in its place, then I'm against it, since we already know that not having a central bank is a source of great economic instability.