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The poll that needs to be done

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Polling the enthusiasm gap really tells only a small part of the story. Someone should commission a poll that asks the following questions:

Would you consider voting for a Green Party candidate or some other lefty third party?

Would you consider voting for a Tea Party candidate or some other right wing party?

The answers to those questions would be a major wake up call to those who think this is just a Republican/Democratic universe.

For better or worse, 2010 could be a break through year for third parties. And passing a health insurance bail out bill will only make matters worse.

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Only time I've voted in 32 years was in 1992.

I voted for a rich thief named Ross Perot. Check the number of people who voted for him. It was an on again/off again campaign, so the numbers would be higher if he had simply stood firm on his desire for the office.