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"Polling expert" Nate Silver writes:

The overall package fares poorly not because of concerns about the presence or absence of certain individual measures, but because people are exhausted and turned off by the process and have vague and ill-informed* concerns about what the bill would do.

Yeah, and that wouldn't be because the public option advocates pissed in the policy well by using a "bait and switch" strategy to confuse Medicare with [a|the] [strong|robust|triggered]? public [health insurance]? [option|plan] -- and so all the polling data is useless. And it wouldn't be because "progressives" like Howard Dean did the same, adding his own driblet to the mighty stream.

Here's an alternative theory:

The American people are well informed about the bills, and have precise ideas about them: The bills turn failure to buy junk insurance into a Federal crime. And the bills bail out the insurance companies by guaranteeing them a market.

I mean, seriously, why do you imagine that the start dates are put off until after 2012? Because the Dems don't want to run on them!

NOTE * Remember "low information" votes? Good times...

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a process that's billed from beginning to end as inclusive of all options but which actually censors the most-proven plans (single-payer and socialized medicine) from its "house parties," "town halls," Senate hearings, and even "progressive" websites.

Secret deals with moneyed players are made, single-payer activists are arrested, Obama's own doctor is censored, and those open hearings on C-SPAN and public reviews somehow never materialized -- as top progressives told neither the story of single-payer activism nor of the outright lies of an open and transparent process, lies that continued through Obama's State of the Union address and beyond.

Some people just don't appreciate nutthin'.

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"tell me what to think" sites. The proprietor is just giving the pee-pul what they want.