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Politics and Media Headlines 12/22/08

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Mike Flugennock – with permission – (thanks to Stop Me Before I Vote Again)

Obama’s Divisive Choice of Rick Warren (by Michelle Goldberg at Religion Dispatches)
Warren compares abortion to the Holocaust, gay marriage to pedophilia and incest, and social gospel Christians as “closet Marxists.” He doesn’t believe in evolution… Obama is sending a message of respect and conciliation to those who oppose gay rights, women’s rights and secularism more broadly. Ordinarily such a master of empathy, he needs to find a way to make social progressives feel understood and included as well. Insulting your supporters to win the support of your opponents is no way to build unity.
I have never seen evidence that Obama has any empathy whatsoever. I wish Michelle had told us what she means by her statement that Obama is a master of empathy.—Caro

Salon Radio: Pam Spaulding on Rick Warren (by Glenn Greenwald at Unclaimed Territory, Salon)
Embracing someone like Warren is no more "inclusive" than inviting a White Supremacist or, for that matter, a Christian-hater to deliver the invocation.

Obama: Dancing with the Ones That Brung Him (by madamab at The Confluence)
Where’s the rabbi, Barack? Where’s the imam? Where have they been this whole time… Based on the past and the present and the future plans of President-Elect Obama, it appears that “all sides of the faith discussion” includes Christian, Christian and Christian. Sorry, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists et al. You are under that darn bus too! Hope you didn’t expect him to give a flying fuck what you think or believe.

Is it Just Me? (by myiq2xu at The Confluence)
Doesn’t it seem like the lefty blogosphere is way more upset about this friend of Obama:

than they were about this one?:

Is misogyny more acceptable than homophobia?

Obama supporters want refunds (by Thomas Schaller at War Room, Salon)
At the Huffington Post, Peter Daou noticed that Obama supporters are expressing their anger at the website. So I dropped in at It's getting ugly. Here's a recent post from somebody named Jacinto Hernandez: “… Today we feel betrayed. There are so many christian leaders who are advocates for the gay community-- why choose one who is not? Please return our donations immediately. We made donations over a number of occaisions, frequently in response to ‘urgent’ pleas from your campaign. Consider this an ‘urgent’ plea as well. Please remove us from your mailing lists and never ask us for your support again, unless you stand with us and reject homophobia once and for all.”

Obama's choice of Rick Warren to lead prayer dismays Hollywood liberals (Los Angeles Times)
Obama's selection of Orange County mega-pastor and bestselling author Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his swearing in has hit liberal Hollywood in one of its sorest spots: the passage of Proposition 8, California's ban on gay marriage, which Warren strongly supported. In fact, he has compared same-sex nuptials to approving polygamy and pedophilia… Democratic political consultant Chad Griffin, who this week was named by the Advocate, America's leading gay publication, as one of its People of the Year, thinks that it's up to Warren to let Obama off the hook and withdraw… Griffin said: "[Obama] has a long history of standing up for and defending equal rights. I believe and hope that calling on Warren was just a innocent mistake by the transition team."
It just shows you how willfully ignorant are the people who SWOONED over Obama. He does NOT have a “long history of standing up for and defending equal rights.” Name me one position he has taken on any civil rights issue that wasn’t solely to promote his own candidacy. It just goes to show, once again, that most of the people want to be fooled most of the time.—Caro

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

...if you have deliberate misleading by the media. Especially on the scale that we witnessed.

When you have pretty much every progressive group constantly extolling the awesome awesomeness of Obama, its hard not to fall for it. After a billion dollars and free media propaganda probably worth tens of billions its awfully hard to know what's what.

I don't blame those that were lied and misled per se. I blame the progressive voices who knew the questions to ask but didn't: Rachel Maddow, The Nation, TDS, etc. Oh yeah, and the Democratic leadership who gave the finger and proceeded to grope the slain Hillary beast. Not everyone is going to dig through every detail and relies on the media and Democratic leadership for information. When those two do what they did this cycle, its hard to blame the people. My anger and resentment is aimed solely at the Dem leadership, the media and the "progressive" commentariat. Hell, most people I know voted fore Hillary.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

but it is. Should people have to dig through c and d-list blogs to find facts? I don't think they should. They should be readily available. For f*ck's sake, few people realize that Hillary received more popular votes than Obama! Something so damn obvious should be common knowledge presented by any and all credible media sources. The fact that it is not says more about the media than the people, IMO. We can continue to say people need to read everything possible whether they have time or not or we can fix the way the media operates. I'm not going to blame the victims here. These folks were deliberate in their misleading and I want to know why?

For the record, a sizeable majority of Democratic Dem primary voters voted for Hillary despite the propaganda. And I don't blame people for voting against McCain or any GOPer.

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Submitted by Davidson on

How does this image of the top story not spell the return of journalism? Answer me that!

Seriously, though I agree with you. When even BBC News (!) got in on the whole, "Hillary just triggered a mass assassination attempt on Obama!" fraud, after pushing the smear that she tried to exploit racism by showing a photo of a goofy-looking Obama in African garb, I realized that I couldn't trust any news source.

The only time I blame people is when they refuse to listen to legitimate criticism of the media's narrative regarding HRC and Obama. I do feel people have been misled but sadly many of them wanted to believe the lies.

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Submitted by pie on

from an AP article posted at MSNBC:

It is no surprise that he and Obama have become friendly. Each tries to operate outside a strict liberal-conservative divide, and has risked angering his supporters to do so.

"You can't have a reformation without somebody opposing it," Warren says. "If I wasn't making a difference, nobody would be paying attention."

Dog help us.

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Submitted by Iphie on

They're planning a reformation?

Interesting choice of words for a minister to use.