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Political Grilling

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Recipe One: Bitter Lemon Chicken

Butter the chicken pieces, including under the skin. Sprinkle with kosher salt and black pepper to your taste. Put on medium hot grill until crispy. Loosen crispy skin and squeeze a lemon over the chicken meat only, until each piece has a coating of juice. May need more than one lemon.

Those who find this too bitter may add 2 t. of honey or powdered sugar to the lemon, to make the taste easier to take.

Democrats in Congress, how do you defend your FISA (pronounced F long ISA) vote?

How can you run on policies that you are voting against?

Luckily, we have the Voice of America reporting for us:

""We must have a bill that does not violate the Constitution of the United States, and this bill does not," (Rep. Pelosi)said."

Good thing we don't actually have a copy of the Constitution, or we could check and see what's really in there and all those pesky little added-on parts...

For those claiming all Dems must vote for anyone with a D beside their name: anyone want to defend voting for the Democrats currently in Congress?

(See Russ Feingold's public protest to the press of the FISA voting.)

Republicans in Congress, you don't get a free pass here: what happened to your traditional values, the ones you're running on now?

Excuses like "we don't pretend to support these things like the Dems so at least we're not hypocrites" don't count (evah) but on these issues Republicans have been MORE outspoken about government size and intervention, privacy, etc., etc.

The Voice of America headline (url above):
Bush Praises US Congress for Cooperation on FISA, War Funding

Mr. Bush is praising you all for helping him and the war businesses, including the telecoms, out with FISA and war funding. He's getting just what he wants. Well, it's not as if he's a lame duck or anything.

Recipe 2: Fake Peking Duck

This is Jacques Pepin's Fake Peking Duck recipe from the 1994 NYT. Follow the steps but instead of roasting as in step 4, grill the chicken. May need to cover the chicken with foil or a pan to emulate the oven-roasting heat.

Note: the recipes, and the votes unfortunately, are both real.

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