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On Political Feasibility

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Do you know what you never hear? Republicans talking about what's "politically feasible" and telling their base they have to accept that. I don't remember Republicans saying in January:

Americans really want healthcare reform. Many polls show most even want single payer. The Democrats just elected a new popular President (did you see how many people showed up at his inauguration?), have a large majority in the House and a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. It's just not politically feasible for us to stop this thing. We don't even have enough votes to filibuster a bill. We'll be lucky to stop Medicare for All (people fucking love Medicare, the socialists!). Maybe we can try to get the Democrats to agree to a mandate and some sort of public option. I know conservatives won't like that, but at least we will have stopped a full-blown government single payer system. We can try to undo it later. But for now, we're not going to be able to completely stop reform given the political reality.

Do you know why you didn't hear that? Because if Republican lawmakers told their base shit like that, the base would find other Republican lawmakers and/or sit home and let the GOP fend for itself on election day. In other words, it's not politically feasible for Republicans to sell out their base.

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Although I would say that conservatives are about changing what's politically feasible and "progressives" are about accepting it (which undermines, btw, any claim the "progressives" are activists, it's the conservatives and even the much derided "tea baggers" who are activists). The politicians simply do whatever their base lets them get away with.

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in line.

The wingnut base did not like McCain. They thought he was "liberal." So, they stayed home on Election Day. They weren't whining and puling about "ZOMG a Democrat will be elected and it will be ALL OUR FAULT!ELEVEN!" They know who's the boss. And the next R candidate will be a wingnut.

If only the liberal base had all gone PUMA. The Democrats would never, EVER run a Reaganite corporatist like Obama ever again.

Are people ready to stop being little WATB's now? Are people ready to DO SOMETHING?!

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Great post, BDB!