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The political economics of the coming GM bailout

Edward Harrison at Naked Capitalism:

Under no circumstances is the Obama Administration going to allow General Motors to do to the economy in 2009 what Lehman Brothers did to it in 2008. They are going to fix GM no matter what it takes. And if this includes heavy-handed tactics, so be it.

So, be very clear that the GM and Chrysler issue is an existential question for this administration.

But not so existential that they'd make GM suddenly solvent again by putting all the past and present employees under Medicare for All (say), so that GM's cost structure was internationally competitive. No, no. We're talking visionary minimalism here, not actual solutions.

Handle it well and you get the Roosevelt treatment and ensure a good outcome for your party in 2010. Screw things up and the depression bears down on America and you’re out of office in due course. The key policy decision is how to ensure a favourable outcome. And when I say favourable, I mean one that ensures as many jobs as possible while minimizing any wider economic fallout. Other issues like treating bondholders well, not committing taxpayer monies to the effort, or keeping government out of the auto industry are going to be much less important.

And if Obama is concerned about his political fortunes because of an election next year, you can bet that Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is concerned given her election is later this year. In Germany, cars have a mythical status. ...

Today there are hundreds of thousands of jobs in Germany tied to the auto sector, which has huge importance in the Rhineland, Germany’s industrial heartland and part of the most populous German state North Rhine-Westphalia, as well as in Lower Saxony, Bavaria, and Baden-Württemberg. In short, destroying auto jobs is a sure-fire way to lose an election. The ruling coalition is keenly aware of this and that is why they too will be very involved in the GM bankruptcy as it affects Germany through GM subsidiary Opel.

Interesting. Michiganders?

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between the success and health of businesses in this country and single payer type universal healthcare?

Can it just be the influence of money and the monied?

How can he miss that if he brought about single payer, he would be not just The First Black President,' but one of the all-time great presidents? It would most likely even out criticism of his civil liberties and exectutive power grabs.

What is it that prevents him from seeing this?