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Police harassment at Occupons La Défense

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Update: Looks like the cops destroyed the camp in Paris too. Video at

Occupons La Défense (Paris) has released a statement detailing increased police harassment this week

Illegitimate violence and daily humiliations inflicted by the police against occupants have reached a level of concern last monday :

- The police decided to implement a ban on paper, cardboard, food, closing access to the same people from the camp to meet the occupants and thus hindering the fundamental freedoms of movement and expression.

- At around midday an incident burst further to an attempt of introduction on the camp of paper rolls.During the scuffle, the police had used tear gas on a minor. Slovak nationals also wounded in the abdomen by a policeman and has been carry later by firefighters to the hospital resulting in a complaint of the Consulate of Slovakia.

- Seems to be aware of the absurdity and the total illegality of this slippage, the ban was then lifted, leaving the free movement of persons and equipment on the square of La Défense. The gendarmes refusing to apply the orders, it is the French riot police which made its appearance at the end of the day to relieve.

- Shortly before 10:00 pm, the occupants were victims of a new police charge without warning to destroy some of the equipment gone up during the day. This intervention has turned into a real looting, the police seized personal belongings and blankets stored in a part of camp. The excessive show of force took about twenty minutes, leaving some fifty people in an unbearable precarious conditions, causing highhealth risks and damaging to the dignity, health and physical integrity of those persons.

It should be noted that the camp has still not received a notice of eviction, and that the police have refused to submit the legal textson which were based interventions. A request addressed directly to the prefecture is still unanswered today.