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Police Closed Occupy Philadelphia Last Night

Occupy Los Angeles was also closed last night. Phila. did go forward without the riot gear and intimidation tactics.

My take: These were 2 of the major city holdouts on moving in to close the occupy encampments. These 2 Democrat mayors were reluctant to evict; initially were supportive. DHS is apparently involved. I think that the pressure is coming from high up. I think that it is coming from the White House and the Democrats. They probably do not want Occupy tents and encampments everywhere as we move into an election year.

Obama will deny that he has anything to do with it all and say nice words about freedom of speech, etc. - blame the Republicans, etc. Just like he did with the Delaware River Basin Commission vote on fracking - he tried to act like he had nothing to do with the whole thing, when he had one of only five votes.

I do think that Occupy Philadelphia needed to move to make way for a construction project. However, they were led to believe that a permit would be issued in another, nearby location. A permit has been issued, but only for daytime hours and no tents, etc.

So, am I wearing a tin foil hat?