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Plenty of people turning out for single payer protests

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Leaders Absent at Health Care Demonstration in Midtown

Sure enough, President Obama got out on the road, briefly, to shore up support for health care reform. Yet it is his opponents that have monopolized the airwaves and framed the health care reform debate to such a degree that the public option has been all but abandoned in the corridors of power (Baucus' proposal makes no mention of it), while the people are still chanting in support of a 'single payer' system in the streets of the nation's cities.

It is true, protests for single payer do attract significant numbers. Even though the only politicians who support are a handful of the most progressive members of congress. In spite of the media black out, in spite of being told by politicians, pundits, and even progressive bloggers that single payer is off the table, people keep agitating for it. People want health care, not health insurance. We just have a twisted political culture where the will of majority can be written off as not politically possible.

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