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Plenty of billing from "advocacy" groups too

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I got my invoice from Emily's list today. Itemized:

Who was the best man for the job last week? A pro-choice Democratic woman.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi overcame enormous obstacles and misleading right-wing attacks to help pass historic health care reform legislation. We're on our way to providing coverage for millions of uninsured Americans -- and we never could have done that without Speaker Pelosi's leadership.

Multiple assaults on women's rights during this debate showed, once again, that our work to elect pro-choice Democratic women could not be more crucial. The political maneuverings of anti-choice forces led by Cong. Bart Stupak would have been soundly defeated with more pro-choice Democratic women serving in Congress. Despite Stupak's claims of victory for anti-choice forces, he did not succeed in passing his initial amendment, which would have meant unprecedented limits on women's reproductive rights. Our women banded together to stop Stupak and the GOP, and with more of them in office, we'll be able to undo the restrictive policies in the current bill and protect women's reproductive freedoms. [that last bit is the "soft ask" in fundraising parlance]

Senator Patty Murray made sure survivors of domestic violence are not penalized as having a "pre-existing condition." Senator Barbara Mikulski fought to stop insurers from charging women more for insurance than men. Cong. Rosa DeLauro worked to include language to protect American families from premium hikes. And Senator Debbie Stabenow fought efforts to strip the bill of maternity coverage.

And so many others -- including Senators Barbara Boxer and Kirsten Gillibrand, Congresswomen Diana DeGette and Louise Slaughter -- led efforts to protect reproductive rights.

Imagine if these women hadn't been there to stand up for us -- and what will happen to our progressive agenda if we lose any of them this November? [what indeed? what could top "negotiating" away women's rights and claiming victory?]

A number of women who bravely took a stand on health care and helped move our country forward face tough races this fall. Many of our freshmen are under attack for their votes, including Congresswomen Dina Titus, Mary Jo Kilroy, Betsy Markey, and Suzanne Kosmas. They are being targeted by the right wing, which sees health care reform as an opportunity to oust Democrats in swing seats. Republicans and their special interest allies will do whatever it takes to defeat the pro-choice Democratic women who took enormous risks and displayed incredible courage by voting for this bill. [a slew of soft asks -- building up to the big finale:]

These women stood up for us. Now it's our turn to stand up for them. [it's coming!]

Dina, Mary Jo, Betsy, Suzanne, and many more of our elected women have been under attack since last summer -- and there's no end in sight.

Please support these women today as they prepare for challenging re-election fights. Their opponents will have the full backing of the Republican machine and corporate and right-wing opponents of health care reform. They are counting on us to help them fight back. We must be there for them.

Click here to make a direct and immediate contribution to stand with these women who stood up for us. [and there it is! please send money! the only thing missing -- the STFU!]

Apologies, as I'm too angry and depressed to come up with better brackets-snark. It's a pity one can't attach a rotten egg to a response email.

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

Of these people is unbelievable. We certainly need more women in the Congress, but not ones in the Democratic or Republican corporatist Parties. I'm afraid we're seeing Party trump gender as a determinant of how people will vote.

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Submitted by madamab on

I was one who vowed to vote on a gender basis. But now I want to vote for liberal women outside the Party structure. Both Parties are Dead To Me.

I am going to do some research on the countries in which the Parliament is made up of 30% women or more. I will bet one meeeelllllion dollars that every single one of them has gotten past this 13th-century patriarchal crap that the Christian Taliban keeps spouting.

I believe that all female equality must be based on a woman's right to control her body. Make that happen, and the rest follows (with activism, of course). But I will check to see if my beliefs have any basis in facts. :-)

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Submitted by BDBlue on

Infuriating. There is currently a big enough block of pro-choice women in Congress to have created every bit as much havoc as Stupak did. The entire EO work around is insulting - as if it doesn't matter that they voted for the bill knowing we'd get the EO. Ugh!

NOW, OTOH, has been doing some pretty good work from what I've seen. Wonders never cease.

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Submitted by sisterkenney on

Have mercy on the ol' puter, Lambert..almost drowned it. (gotta stop drinking and reading)

Submitted by libbyliberal on

a young woman tonight was explaining to me how important it is to be optimistic and that little tiny point of light in the distance... and it was a step at least in the right direction... and I am arguing and she is thinking clearly... get the net for this negative woman.

he had 80 million people ramped up for change... and we are like beggars for crumbs, or slot machine addicts awaiting the sound of a few coins in the chute... maybe next time...

rolling back the New Deal but we must pretend baby steps to progress... ????

Or if we all agree to close our progressive eyes and imagine the emperor really does have new clothes and is not naked naked naked of morality... if we all agree to pretend... everything is going to seem okay.

13 out of every 100 of us is on to Obama... and that number is only going to grow larger. That gives me hope.

Submitted by lambert on

... "little tiny point in the distance," did she? Sounds like a talking point picked up from somewhere.

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Submitted by Valhalla on

The first thing I thought of was a serious downgrade from Bush Sr's Thousand Points of Light meme...

Submitted by libbyliberal on

... who has not been through the sixties... does not see what is happening as the rolling back of the New Deal... who has a get-over-it cynical sophistication and practical attitude ... without getting how hard won rights are being jettisoned with incredible speed before our eyes. Who can't ask WHY NOT universal health care now? Who is stopping us? The needs of the friggen' vendors????? WTF????

Our shock and awe comes in Obama's quiet and sinister wake (where are the DFHs of the 60s.. weren't there more of us ... or are we busy dealing with health problems and bankruptcies, etc), but after the Bush regime.. how can the young'uns conceive of what is being lost? Granted, they got a few seconds' taste of hope 80 million strong with Obama's election drama, but then the magic tablecloth was pulled out from under all the expensive towers of oligarchical glassware and nothing was broken... and the show was over. (don't know why that metaphor came to me but I went with it :) )