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Please watch this video. UPDATED: video embed link FOUND!!

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I first have to say I would not have known about this but for this DailyKos diary. The CBS News video was posted in the comments thereunto.

You can see stills at this AP story.

The CBS video has a commercial (of course) at the beginning. There is a short video from The Pentagon Channel available via YouTube also.

President Obama surprised the surviving recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor today when he joined them to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Also, yesterday I referenced the President's discussion via videolink with the current International Space Station crew, some members of Congress, and some students. Here's a link to that video:

Thank you for bearing with me through this post.

I was not able to embed this directly until my dearly beloved found an archival link to it at the C-Span site. Similarly I couldn't get CBS' video to show up, let alone embed, at their home site.

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