If you have "no place to go," come here!

"Please sir, may I have some more WMDs?" Press to Republicans, as Republicans turn on the gaslights again


gaslight CJR:

As today's page-one stories in both the New York Times and the Washington Post make clear, the Bush administration has begun to apply pressure on the U.S. intelligence agencies to pump up the threat that Iran poses.

Nor did those stories go far enough in putting this latest bit of White House maneuvering into its proper context. The country is less than three months away from a crucial mid-term election, and with the GOP facing the distinct possibility of losing its majority in Congress, the administration is desperately trying to play the only card that has worked repeatedly with the voters -- fear of terrorism. It needs a new villain, and Iran's persistent thumbing of its nose at the West over its nuclear program provides the perfect opening to elevate one.

Except this administration's timing is off--they've been rolling out a new product in August, unlike Iraq before the 2002 midterms. They must, indeed, be "desperate."

Finally, there was scant outrage expressed anywhere in the press today (perhaps tomorrow?) over the fact that, despite all we've learned about this administration's willingness to say whatever is necessary to get what it wants, here, it seems, we go again.

Someone get those damn lapdogs to stop yapping! It's driving me nuts!

NOTE I like the headline--"Psst! Iran Helped Plan September 11 ..." Not that I associate "Psst!" with Bush farts, or anything....

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