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Please, Democrats! Stop the suck!

Ian Welsh:

Trust is earned. By making the economy work for banks and not for Americans; by refusing to put through a clean health care bill; by repeatedly not coming through on campaign promises and by not providing a clear alternative to Republicans, Democrats have lost the trust of Americans.

If Democrats want to turn this around they should simply start doing what they should have always done. Break up the big banks, institute real bankruptcy reform and other help for real Americans, pass a medicare-for-all bill, get out of Afghanistan and push through a real and effective stimulus bill immediately paid for it with a tax on America’s rich.

If not, as I’ve been saying for some time, they will pay a heavy price in 2010. Americans expect results for them, not mealy mouthed platitudes, trillions for the rich and broken promises.

Oddly, or not, not posted at Open Left....

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sardine made a similar post. It is as if they don't seem to understand that what happens to us should matter.

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Remember this from Taibbi?

Certain members of one of the president’s cabinet departments only got wind of how hard it is out there for ordinary people to pay their bills when they invited in a major corporation to give them a presentation about their financial outlook for the holiday season — and through that report found out that this company’s prospective customers were spending less because large numbers of them had been laid off, or had huge medical bills, or had maxed out their credit, and so on.

Letters from customers, survey answers and such, were read to the cabinet group. And they were shocked. This is how they find out about the economic reality of this country — accidentally, from a major campaign contributor! That’s how out of touch these people are.

Remember, the elite hates the peasants, always has.
Shocked they may be, but it doesn't seem to have affected their behavior at all.