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Plantidote of the Day 2013-05-07

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Lilacs Closeup

Oh my goodness. I've been gone for a few months and Lambert has changed everything wonderfully! I simply was completely overwhelmed with life, we bought a townhouse, moved, had to move everything that was left in the townhouse to move our stuff in, and now of course the endless joys of home ownership which amount to "what is up to be fixed today?" Anyway, I'm back to working part-time, and we are settled in and Spring has been amazing here in central Jersey. So after having abandoned every single thing intertubz, I am back. And Corrente is my first stop.

I have no idea what is going on and will be taking some time to absorb it all, but here is a stab at a plantidote for 2013.

We bought this place in Feb. Cold. Dreary. Winter. But it was just filled with light and after several weeks of agonizing over the budget, made an offer. The trouble with February is there was very little telling what the landscaping was. The house itself is 26 years old and I had definitely gotten 26 yr old Arbor Vitae and some mostly dead sprucy everygreen bushes (two of which I've pulled out to this point, one to go). The rest unknown. At the kitchen window and leaning out over the front walk was this tall tree-like thing that aggravated everyone who had to move something into the house through the front door (95% of everything) and I had to prune it back for fear that someone would catch a branch and just destroy the thing. I had no idea what it was nor did anyone else. I am not big on cutting on things that I don't know.

And then this happened (see pic above). LILACS omfg... my favorite, from childhood, lilacs. I had planned to plant them... but no they were here waiting for me. And right outside the kitchen window. Due largely to their positioning I think they were just pruned quite a bit and have become a tree of sorts, pretty in that swaying birch look. They overwhelm everything and I could care less. Around the side is a white lilac and a pink lilac mixed in with stuff that I don't know. So along with the basic day lillies and three mutant arbor vitae, and some baby azaleas that the home owners association threw in, I am blessed beyond measure with Lilacs. Beautiful, mature, exquisite.

Lilacs Fullsize

So that's it for now, I'll see if I can't get organized and put some plantidotes up here on a regular basis for y'all.

Much Love as always.

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Submitted by NWLuna on

Beautiful! Those are double lilac blooms too, aren't they?

And very smart not to cut anything until you know what it is. When we bought our first house, in very early spring, we found out the seller had just pruned everything .... which meant he cut off all the developing buds of shrubs which would have bloomed later that spring and summer. So we had to wait another year for our lilacs. Glad you are enjoying yours!

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Submitted by Kathryn on

oh, oh good point. Lilacs bud for the next year on summer wood. So if you have to prune them you should only do so immediately after the blooms fade. I wonder how many are like that. I am making room for some more shrubs -- like spirea, or itea or viburnum... the flowering, scented types. Probably a buddleia in there somewhere. Now I'll have to run thru old plantidotes because i remember one vaguely that was orange scented and really pretty.

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

I am so jealoous. I adore lilacs and used to sit and inahle deeply every spring. Alas, they don't do well here in Ariziona so I will live vicariously through your photo.

(Star Jasmine is pretty good out here in the desert!)

Thank you.