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Plantidote of the Day 2012-11-29

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Anagallis x "Wildcat blue"

This hybrid is another of the "Proven Winners" I've come across this year that I just really liked. More of a ground cover, it is 10-12" in height, a very true blue bloomer that flowers all summer long. Heat tolerant it is hardy in zones 9-11 but otherwise is an annual. Full sun, good for borders and really nice in containers.

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Blue Pimpernel is so easy from seed that it will spread and thrive without much care.
Though your photo is of a varietal, that seed would be a hybrid and not "true" the plant is patented and not available from seed....but the wild one looks so similar and readily available and ever so charming.

Here's a source for the wild Anagallis seed. After growing it in a hanging basket a few years ago, it dropped seeds and now it pops up in the most lovely places. It's always welcome. Loves the heat.

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Just figuring that some thing will be sprouting at the fringes of the paths, might as well be something that is good for something.

I like to introduce seeds of chamomile, nigella, parsley, alyssum, iberis and borage.The bees and hummers get good use from these "weeds". My selected weeds are so much more suitable than burr clover and ground ivy.

Submitted by lambert on

These are very good suggestions. I ended up with a massive stand of thistles in my front garden patch, and as it turned out, that met one objective -- fences made out of plants -- but also a second, in that pollinators liked them.