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Plantidote of the Day 2012-09-25

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fall in zone 10


Sweet gum leaf

Welcome to Autumn in Zone 10! Yes, it's just a veritable riot of colors, ranging from green to another shade of green. Ooops, almost forgot the pale yellow. Three colors this year -- actually, more like 2.5. Wow!!

I can only imagine how jealous you leaf peepers must be, because Zone 10's fall leaves are one of the best kept secrets ever. But hold on, here's the best part. After the green leaves fall off the tree, they actually do change color. They turn (wait for it!) ....

Mud brown! Yup, a real feast for the eyes -- at least if you like brown. Meanwhile, here's a collection of live cams all across the country featuring nothing but fall foliage. Go nuts!! See you there!


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