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Plantidote of the Day 2012-09-24

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Rosa sinensis


The last hibiscus of summer. Actually, this plant blooms all year, but it's most productive in summer. And there aren't any more blossoms at the moment, so I'm declaring this the end of summer. Tomorrow, autumn in Zone 10. Stay tuned ....


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Submitted by insanelysane on

Stunning photo of flower against that blue wall. It's dreary here so this really lit up my morning!
Thank You.

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Submitted by insanelysane on

Hey, twig,
Your post down below with the links to Plantagon and the super-weeds, and a bunch of other stuff... was really interesting.

Also, I posted a link to Arcosanti in the comments.A city built based on a design now 4 decades old. A take on the green movement. I saw it when it was 3% completed in late 70's.

Good stuff. Check it out.