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Plantidote of the Day 2012-09-23

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Aaaand we’re back, with another edition of Plantidote links to fun on the internetz. If the format looks familiar, that’s because I totally stole it from lambert. Or as they say in Hollywood, it’s an homage, people!

Anyway, here’s what’s on deck today:

Great idea: The Plantagon is a skyscraper/greenhouse designed for urban farming. And it’s not just a nifty idea or a prototype like those cool cars that you can never buy. This is happening! Groundbreaking for the first Plantagon took place just weeks ago in Sweden.

That's the good news. Here’s the bad – Superweed is coming!! And it’s actually not that super if you’re a farmer or someone who likes to eat occasionally. You know you’re in trouble when the solution to your crop-raising problem is an ingredient from Agent Orange.

Out on a Limb CSA in Maine specializes in rare and heirloom apples. The farm behind it all, Super Chilly Farm, in Palermo, Maine, is featured in the October issue of Martha Stewart Living, but I’m not seeing a link at the magazine’s website to read the story. Well, what do you expect from a convicted felon? (Those were the days, huh?) At least you can read more about the apples at Out on a Limb blog, linked to above.

Speaking of magazines, here’s an interesting publication -- Birds and Blooms, a blog featuring stories about things with feathers and flowers. Certainly lives up to its name better than, say, The Atlantic ;-) The link goes to a story on new gardening books, but there’s a whole lot more there.

Garden pr0n: Check out some brand new perennials for 2013 in this 2-minute video from Greenhouse Grower magazine.

Is a dog digging up your garden? Problem solved!

If you like potpourri, this is a good time of year to whip some up. It’s a good gift, it makes the house smell nice, and you get to use up stuff that would probably be thrown away, like past-their-prime flowers, leaves, and so on. Here are some easy “recipes,” but once you get the hang of it, you can free-style and come up with your own signature scent.

Love plants but don't have room to grow them? If you’ve got a window, you can have a garden. Check out this two-minute video showing how to plant a small window garden for fresh herbs all winter long.

That’s it for today. What’s on your plant/garden radar? Please share your links, experiences, and thoughts in the comments.

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Submitted by insanelysane on

I missed this particular day. You have some good links.

That superweed story is as predictable as the sun coming up. Who didn't see that disaster coming?
Disclaimer: I went organic when Carter was the President and have not left the clan.

The link to Plantagon was hopeful. Reminded me of Paulo Soleri who was building Arcosanti, near Scottsdale in the 70's and they built a vertical greenhouse to grow enough food to feed 3000 people. Arcosanti , a city in the desert that was designed to be self sufficient.
His experiment in living is apparently still building now for 42 years.

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Submitted by twig on

with a shock collar once, mostly because she was way too aggressive with other dogs. This was after working with five or six different trainer$ and getting nowhere, as well as giving her Clomicalm, which is supposed to "enhance" learning.

Shock collars, at least the one I used, are adjustable. You can set the intensity of the shock so it's more like a little buzz. One of the trainers showed me how to put it on my hand to test. So I felt the same thing she felt, plus she has a lot of fur. When I used it, she didn't seem upset by it. It just took her attention off the other dog, something no amount of tugging or yelling or "here's your favorite treat" did.

Shock collars aren't my first choice by any means, but nothing else was working. Now she can at least walk past a strange dog without starting WW3.