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Plantidote of the Day 2012-09-18 UPDATED!

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UPDATE: Thanks to insanely sane, we now know that the plant is a wisteria and what appear to be berries are actually buds. Eventually, they'll look like this.

Thanks, YesMaybe, for sending in the image!

Whatever it is, I love it! The question is -- what are we looking at? Insectidoter YesMaybe sent in the image, wondering the same thing.

I took this picture in Pittsburgh, where I was living at the time. I have no idea what kind of plant it is -- maybe you or a reader can identify it.

It was either a bush or a small young tree, in someone's front yard (the circle of bricks you can see in the picture is where it was growing out of) . But more likely a bush, it was about a person's height, I think. This was in spring, and it hadn't regrown its leaves yet. The bare branches visible, and a couple of twigs with some detail, belong to the same plant. And my guess is it's not actually any kind of berry, the shape of the flower clusters just reminded me of strawberries.

Okay, readers, it's in your hands now. Any ideas on what this one might be?


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Submitted by insanelysane on

I'll make a stab at it.
I think it is the early unopened flower bud of wisteria.

The information above says it's a small tree or shrub and of course, wisteria is a woody vine. Perhaps it was pruned to take shrub shape. I've trained wisteria plants to form small trees.

Submitted by YesMaybe on

I am seeing photos of american wisteria that look like it:

Maybe it was pruned that way, or maybe it was growing with a shrub (there were no leaves, so it could have been two different kinds of plants for all I know or remember).

Thanks a bunch for clearing this up.