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Plantidote of the Day 2012-08-20

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Mystery plant

Here's an odd one: This plant was marked "Angelica," but in looking at pictures of Angelicas online, this one looks nothing like them. In this shot, the flowers resemble kalanchoe, but I'm 99% certain this is something else. The question is -- what?

Since I don't have an image of the foliage, the only other clue I can offer is that the plant was in a garden center and clearly intended for outdoor planting, not a houseplant. Anyone recognize it?

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Submitted by insanelysane on

It really looks like Kalanchoe.
The upheld petals. The look and shape of the unopened bud.

It's Kalanchoe... Too bad no leaf pic.

Why do you say 99% certain not Kalanchoe??

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Submitted by twig on

succulent leaves. But I know what you mean about the flowers. Are there kalanchoes with long, narrow leaves? Maybe I'll go back to the store later and see if it's still around. Maybe the foliage would be helpful!

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Submitted by goldberry on

Could it be a miniature variety of something?
It kinda looks like a begonia to me. Do they come in yellow?
Botany is not really my thing so I'm only guessing.

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Submitted by twig on

but they don't quite look like these. Good idea, though!

I think insanely is right -- this has to be kalanchoe. I shot a lot of pics that day and probably just confused. It's so easy to do lately.

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Submitted by insanelysane on

I Googled a bit and found this plant.:

Kalanchoe daigremontiana

Longer flatter leaves. Heavily serrated
I've seen some really intense Kalanchoe in the semi-outdoor/tropical sections of nurseries.

I think the hybridizers are going wild.

Get that leaf photo!

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Submitted by twig on

Tomorrow for sure.

Suddenly, it's summer here and hotter than it's been all year. Nothing like the plains' heat wave, but still no fun. Tomorrow's supposed to be cooler.

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Submitted by insanelysane on

we are entering a cool wave here in N Ca.