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Plantidote of the Day 2012-07-30

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Edible flowers (pictured, nasturtium)

Flowers are more than just eye candy and bee food -- you can eat them, too! Here are seven easy ways to preserve your edible flowers, along with a list of 42 blossoms that can be eaten and how to do so safely. Enjoy!

Readers, please send twig ( images and stories for the ongoing Plantidote of the Day series. In exchange, you'll win undying fame in the form of a hat tip! Plants growing in your garden, your house, or neighbor's yard, plants from the forest or farmers' market, plants you preserved, plants you prepared (wine; cider; tea; dried beans), plants you harvested (grains; chantrelles), plants you picked (flowers), plants you dried (herbs), plants you covet or hope to grow someday. Herbal remedies, propagation tips, new varieties, etc.. And if you can, include some solid detail about the plant, too -- a story, the genus and species, or where you got the seeds, or the recipe, or your grandmother gave it to you. Or challenge us with a "Name That Plant" mystery entry ... And please feel free to add corrections and additional information in the csomments.

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Submitted by insanelysane on

Whenever you eat an artichoke, you are eating a flower bud from a thistle.Who figured out how to do that??

...and who ever added drawn butter into the recipe was a wise person.

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Submitted by twig on

I've always wanted to read a good history of food book, even though it might not be completely accurate. I assume many of the real food pioneers died from their experiments so we'll never know the complete truth -- but it would still be interesting.

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Submitted by Kathryn on

I was going to post this one as well, although primarily because I really love the veining on the leaves and their lilypad shape... So I'll add that pic here in comments.

Nastur. Leaf Detail

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Submitted by twig on

but you're right, the leaves are a whole separate thing to admire. I think they are edible, also, but don't hold me to it.