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Plantidote of the Day 2012-07-18

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For my last regular plantidote here is:

"Royal Peachy Keen"

Much love to all.


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Submitted by Kathryn on

After three years of dis-employment I finally got a temp gig that will last through the end of the year -- it's full time plus, and is both taking up most of my time and wearing me out. Regular plantidoting is just more than I can manage right now. I will be putting up some random plantidotes though as I have a moment and a pic that I think you all will like.

I have really loved doing this, and it helped keep me sane this last year w/o work. I have learned soooooooo much and I appreciate all the comments. I think twig will be making a general announcement later this week about plantidotes.

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Submitted by Valley Girl on

I hope the gig goes okay. Sounds like a challenge.

Thanks for all your lovely photos.

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Submitted by okanogen on

But sad about your pics!

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Submitted by Kathryn on

I have to say, sometimes the old fashioned flowers are my favorites. Verbena I think of in my grandmother's front yard. But this peach colored one was stunning, and I don't have a pic to do it justice, all massed together. But here's one with marigolds (and that's about as old fashioned as it gets):

Peachy Keen