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Plantidote of the Day 2012-07-16

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Mystery plant (possibly a weed)

A few clues: this plant is easily 7 feet tall, with very big pale green leaves covered in what feels like velvet. Before those seed pod things appeared, there was a big lavender flower (sorry, I don't have a picture of the flower). Now the flower is gone, leaving behind the seeds or whatever they are.

This plant is growing outside the fence of a very nice estate kind of place. It doesn't look like it was planted on purpose. But if it is a weed, it seems like it would have been removed by the gardener. It's been there for months and no one's touched it, though. Very odd. But now for the real question: What is it?


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Submitted by twig on

I have loquat trees, so that one's a certainty (or certaintree, hahahahaha -- sorry, sometimes I can't stop).

Anyway,this is more like a sunflower -- big thick stem with a nodding flower near the top. Maybe we'll have to wait until I get a shot of the flower. That would probably be very helpful!