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Plantidote of the day 2012-05-31

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Bugleweed Lechuguilla “Black Scallop"
Ajuga reptans

A mat forming ground cover that you can just mower over to control. It's dense nature holds back weeds, although this it is very invasive with shallow runners. In planters or rockgardens it has a great "spill" -- this particular variety has leaves that will turn very dark in the sun. It has lovely 3"spikes with blue flowers in the late spring.

I've been experimenting with this plant in pretty good shade and that's kept it from spreading a whole lot. But it also keeps the leaves a pretty dark green to bronze color.

Drought and heat tolerant, deer resistant.

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Submitted by Bryan on

My Mother has this in the very shaded area of her lawn on the North side of the house and I have been wondering what it was because the flowers are really nice before the lawn guy wipes them out.

The leaves of the variety she has are closer to the shape of dandelions with purple in the center, but the flower spikes are identical. It doesn't spread much, but it is in pretty solid shade from a cedar tree. I have been searching for it on the 'Net for years with no luck,