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Plantidote of the Day 2012-05-14

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pineapple guava

Feijoa sellowiana

Pineapple guava

This poor tree has been blooming for years, but has never produced fruit. It needs (I'm guessing) cross pollination and there's no second tree. Last year I bought seeds to grow a new one, but they didn't even sprout. I promised the tree I would find it a mate, so one way or another, it's going to have fruit -- someday.

Actually, I hope a second tree turns up, because the fruit sounds delicious -- like pineapple, but milder, or so I've read. Meanwhile, these blossoms could go in a salad. Yes, they are edible! In fact, they taste like candy. But the bees really like them, and bees are having a hard enough time without people eating their food. Over to you, bees!


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Great image Twig, and so beautiful with that crown of red stamen thingies. West Coast horticulture envy is back.