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Plantidote of the Day 2012-05-10

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White Dogwood

White Dogwood

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Natives of many places in the temperate zones and with all the hybrids, there are so many Dogwoods to see. To walk in a grove of them while in bloom is ethereal.

My Eastern pink dogwood Cornus florida rubra died this year after 30 years . I think it succumbed to oak root fungus Armelaria melia . So we planted 5 CA native ones Cornus nuttallii to make up for it in a slightly different area.

10 years ago I planted a Kousa dogwood and it looks so beautiful but won't bloom. It sits under a bigger pistache tree so maybe too much shade, though it does get 5 hours of direct sun all morning .
And,I grow red twig dogwood in the low wet spots along the little creek. Their red stems glow like fire in the low winter sun when all the leaves have dropped.

IIRC dogwood flowers are like poinsettia , in that, the big beautiful colorful part (in this case -white) is actually a modified leaf and the actual flower is the ball looking tiny thing in the center.

Thanks for posting. I love Plantidotes.

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Thanks for the help insanelysane. I have been working temp for the last few weeks and it is just kicking my butt. I am so tired and it's all I can do to find time to upload images. This dogwood is in a rhododendron/azalea garden and I tried to get a picture of it in situ but the light was poor and the background trees fuzhed it. But the contrast was just exquisite to experience. here's the best of the bad pics:

Dogwood and Azaleas

We did adopt a new kitty from rescue this week (3 kitties now), he's a two yr old tuxedo boy, who loves tummy rubs, and it's been a fight for the bottom rung of the omega kitty ladder around here. He came with the name "Swagger" which is just so wrong in so many ways and yet we can't seem to find a good name for him. He may become "buddy" out of default. Video to follow one of these days.