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Plantidote of the Day 2012-05-07

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Either someone switched the name tag on this plant or geraniums have improved considerably. I don't remember seeing any quite like this before. That color just blew me away. But while I was looking around, these equally splendid flowers popped up. And check these out -- whoa, maybe it's time to rethink the whole 'geraniums are boring' attitude.

Everything I've read says geraniums are easy to grow, not demanding, happy wherever you put them, and easy to propagate. Sounds good. If anyone has experience with these plants or wants to add some detail, please do!


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Submitted by lambert on

I want that geranium!

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Submitted by twig on

it has a wonderful spicy fragrance, not flowery at all!

It's from Trader Joe's, btw. The ones around here have some pretty nice plants, and they're not expensive.

I sure hope TJ's isn't owned by some right-wing tool. It beats the big grocery store chains -- which have absorbed all the funky little Mom & Pop markets -- by a mile.