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Plantidote of the Day 2012-03-20

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rogiera cordata

Rogiera cordata

Here's a puzzler -- this big, beautiful shrub is blooming right now here in Zone 10. It's in a botanical garden, but there's no indication that it's rare or endangered. I cannot, however, find much information about it, other than the fact that it's from Guatemala and possibly native to Mexico, too. There's nothing in my gardening books. And searching for images of others is no more successful. All I get are illustrations -- no one seems to have posted pics, no garden sites appear to have it for sale -- very weird! In fact, I can't recall this ever happening before. It's starting to feel like Rod Serling might pop into the frame, cue the woo-woo music, and start telling the backstory. Anyone recognize this plant or know more about it? Or have I made up the whole thing??

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Submitted by jerztomato on

Although that would mean there would be some plant freaks would have to have it. I know I just purchased seeds for a shrub that was difficult to find. When I opened the seed packet, the seeds were almost invisible to the naked eye! Wish me luck w/ germination.

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Submitted by twig on

I would say "take pictures" but under the circumstances ...

Maybe it's a propagation issue -- I have no idea. It's just so odd. There are always garden centers somewhere with whatever it is for sale. I even checked eBay -- lots of plant sellers there -- but nada. Which of course makes me want to know about it even more!