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Plantidote of the Day 2012-03-13

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miniature rose


Rose (miniature)

One of those mini rose bushes from the supermarket, where they're classified as "impulse buys," designed to separate you from your hard-earned money. And it works, too! If I counted up all the mini rose bushes bought over the years, the total would probably be pretty embarrassing. For some reason, they never live very long after I get them home. But obviously some of us just don't know when to quit, so here we are, with yet another tiny rosebush. But I do hope this one hangs around, because it's special! Check this out!


The new blossoms are that incredible yellow-gold color, but after a day or two they turn white! And they smell like roses, too!! If anyone has any ideas about how to keep these little plants going, please send them this way. And thank you in advance!

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Submitted by insanelysane on

I found the same thing...these little pots of roses never really thrive after the first month or two. I discovered that they aren't actually a rose bush, but instead 4 or 5 rooted cuttings.

And they aren't landscape roses but more like roses for cut flowers.
Once, I popped the plant out of the pot, saw the 4 stems and separated them and planted them out in the flower bed. They grew rapidly and thrived for a couple years, but the plants got every rose disease in the book and usually looked pretty sad. The flowers fell apart quickly.
They didn't make good candidates for the garden.
So, now, I just enjoy them until they poop out and off to the compost pile with them.