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Plantidote of the Day 2011-11-18

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spotted orchid

Phalaenopsis elegant 'Polka Dots'

Moth orchid

Polka dot orchids ... hmmmm, I'm not sure if this is an accident or what. Not that it matters. Orchids are the supreme beings of the plant world, imo -- they can do no wrong. Phalaenopsis have the added advantage of being easy to grow, which can't be said for all orchids. There are some fussy ones out there.

My introduction to orchids was through the Nero Wolfe mystery series by Rex Stout. The main character was a brilliant detective who had a serious thing for the flowers. Stout was a prolific writer, so reading his mysteries means reading about a lot of different kinds of orchids. That was before the intertoobz. Now you can go to orchid search engines, like this one or maybe this, and see what you've been missing.

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Submitted by lambert on

I love Rex Stout. But really, isn't Archie the more interesting character of the two? [ducks]

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Submitted by twig on

How weird, I forgot all about him! But you're right -- he's actually the driving force, in terms of storytelling, etc. Not much of an orchid lover, though, so that's probably why he fell off the radar. Some of us have pretty high standards, you know ;-)