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Plantidote of the Day 2011-11-08

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kalanchoe tomentosa

Kalanchoe tomentosa "Chocolate Soldier'

Teddy bear cactus, panda plant, pussy ears

Welcome to cute plant day! I swore I would never buy another living thing at one of those giant hardware stores, but one look at this fuzzy little guy and ... well, you can see how that worked out. The leaves are as soft as velvet to the touch, and the plant needs almost no water. In fact, kalanchoes seem to thrive on neglect, making this quite possibly the perfect plant.

For outdoor gardens, kalanchoes like Zones 9 and 10 best. But if you have a window with bright light, this plant can be grown indoors, too. Some kalanchoes bloom and I've read that the flowers on this type are fuzzy little bell-shaped things -- sweet! Unfortunately, I have not seen this in person. Yet. Keep your fingers crossed ....

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