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Plantidote of the Day 2011-10-31

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Mystery plant

Ooooooo, a Halloween mystery! Actually, I'm pretty sure we've seen this small tree (shrub?) before, but can't recall the name. These berries eventually turn red, but this particular plant is in a shady spot so they may not be ripe yet. Whatever it is, it's very common here in Zone 10 and doesn't seem to be fussy about anything -- it's growing in what is basically a vacant lot. Look familiar?

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Submitted by ygdrasl on

in one of its many colors.
thorny, no?

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Submitted by insanelysane on

Pyracantha coccinea...
A large shrub / small tree. Those berry bunches look like a swarm of orange bees.

Once the berries ripen fully and ferment on the plant, robins and other birds will swoop in and devour every last berry and get a bit "drunk". They get a little "loopy"
And if you get pierced by one of the thorns while pruning... it hurts like he!!.
Fire thorn is well named.