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Plantidote of the Day 2011-09-30

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belladonna lily

Amaryllis belladonna

Belladonna lily, naked lady

Please click on this image and enlarge it -- spectacular!! Corrente's Eureka Springs sent it in, along with the one below, showing how they look in a yard. Wow!!

lilies in the yard

Belladonna lilies are South African natives well suited to Zones 7 through 10. They're drought resistant and not particularly fussy about soil type. Fragrant, leafless blooms appear in August, when everything else is pretty much toast.

Thanks ES -- wonderful job, as always!!
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Submitted by Stephanie on

...but you say zone 7. I have a friend in Oak Lawn, IL -- zone 5b -- and they're all over the place. She confirms this is the same flower. Global warming?

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Submitted by twig on

Right after Eureka sent these, I was walking down the street and there, in my neighbor's yard, were half a dozen or so of these. This is Zone 10, where they're not supposed to grow. But that was weeks ago, and a few of them are still going!

A few of the gardening books do list Zone 5, as long as the bulb are mulched to protect them from cold. So it could be global warming. Or maybe your friend keeps them covered in winter. Or both.

I'm starting to think the USDA Zone recommendations are really just suggestions, rather than limitations.

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Submitted by Stephanie on

Stuff to think about.

The USDA zones HAVE changed in recent years, due to the warming, so perhaps, at this point in time, they are only suggestions.

I was at the friends house admiring the blooms, a few weeks ago, like you say. Not sure about the mulching, will have to ask.

At any rate, they still most beautiful, and my friend promised to dig some up for me in the spring to plant at my house, yoo hoo!!