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Plantidote of the Day 2011-08-23

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sweet alyssum

Lobularia maritima

Sweet alyssum

Easy to grow in any zone, sweet alyssum self sows in mild climates and blooms throughout the year. The tiny (1/2") flowers grow close to the ground, making them good candidates for ground cover or the front row of a floral border. Bees love alyssum, maybe because the flowers smell like honey.

In addition to white varieties, there are pink and purple alyssums, too.

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Submitted by JoeInSF on

Hi Twig,
Even tough I don't comment on the Plantidote of the Day most days, it makes me smile EVERY day. And that's quite an achievement at 7:30AM.

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Submitted by insanelysane on

Sweet Allysum is a prime plant to bring beneficial insects to a garden.
and recently, I found some seed for a peachy colored Alyssum. They look beautiful mixed together. White and peach, planted as groundcover under an orange rose and WOW!

Submitted by jawbone on

is that an older version of the white had more scent to the flowers. Really delightful to walk along the pathways edged with sweet alyssum where lovely, lovely aroma would be concentrated.

IIRC, the colors had less aroma, and some newer white hybrids had less aroma has well. The older version always resulted in volunteers the next year -- I don't recall whether the newer ones did.

I adore volunteers.... Self-seeding is definitely the way to go.