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Plantidote of the Day 2011-07-29

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yellow rose



Nothing exotic today. Unless you count the fact that the bush this rose is part of was in a trash can at one point. A nearby house was being renovated, and the builder had all the landscaping ripped out and trashed.

Being semi-obsessed with recycling, I dragged out the partially smashed rose bush and an equally beat up little ficus tree and asked nicely if I could take them. The builder didn't answer at first. He just looked at me the way people look at someone when they're not sure if they should engage with them or call the police. Then he mumbled something that sounded close enough to 'Okay' for me.

That was about seven years ago. The rose recovered nicely from its dumpster day and blooms two or three times a year. And every single time, it amazes me with the most gorgeous yellow flowers -- complete with authentic rose fragrance!! The ficus tree is doing great, too. Why do people throw away so much perfectly good stuff?

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Submitted by mgmonza on

I love the pure colors of roses, especially the yellows and reds. I'm glad you saved this beauty.

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Submitted by twig on

are amazing. For some reason, the little peppermint striped rose (prettier than it sounds) hasn't bloomed this year, but when it does -- whoa! One of these days ...

Thanks for stopping by!

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

see the beauty of plants and don't understand why putting them in the trash instead of finding a new home is the wrong thing to do. i have a republican friend who only eats meat and breads, and even he left in the garden his ex wife planted when she left him, because (and this won't surprise you at all, coming from a thuglican) "it maintains and improves the value of the property." i hope that builder tore out the old plants because the new owners requested a clear space to put in new ones.

and it is a loverly yellow. i'm not a big rose fan, they're too much work here, but i do appreciate them.

twig's picture
Submitted by twig on

that's what was going on here, but in the sense of making the house way bigger, so there's almost no yard at all -- hideous!!

But this was during the bubble, when real estate prices were skyrocketing and all the little cottages were being torn down to build Mega-Mansions with the maximum legal amount of square footage for the lot! Not only are they butt-ugly, but they're right on top of their neighbors. Two of these places nearby are for sale again now -- but no buyers. I figure the plants that were ripped out are getting revenge -- putting out bad vibes and whatnot ;-)