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If it does, this is my shade garden. Or part of it anyway.

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Submitted by Lex on

My front yard's shade garden was the first that i planted after buying the house. This is year three for it, so i'm hoping that it really starts coming into its own in terms of plant size.

I spent yesterday afternoon with it. Added seven more hostas i got from a friend's mom (who not only has the most incredible perennial gardens, but a large enough to supply them and the market vegetable garden and a beautiful four-season greenhouse with lights and wood heat ... swoooooooon.) I've got a bit more rearranging to do out there and a shrub to plant when it arrives at the nursery.

As much as i love food gardening, i may love shade ornamental gardening even more. I just don't have much shade, but maybe after the home orchard matures i'll get a little in the back.

Submitted by jawbone on

Some that I'd just tossed against a fence, waiting for more pots, survived without being even heeled in (roots covered with dirt in a shallow hole) -- they're now huge.

Every year I have to actually trim the hostas around my front walk to the side of the house. I dug them out, but they've filled in space I gave them and are right back against the sidewalk.

Mine are the blue to light lavender flowers which bloom early in mid-summer. What I do want are some of the hostas which bloom end of summer, early fall and have white beautifully scented white flowers.

I also have rogue phlox which have planted themselves anywhere their seeds can land. I may have mentioned that when I got back from 30 days in the burn center, my front yard, small as it is, was an absolutely gorgeous meadow, with Queen Anne's lace, phlox, daisies, black-eyed susans, and some things I didn't recognize. Only problem is flowering meadows are tall growers and get raggedy after blooms....

This year, now that my back is somewhat under control pain-wise, I will dig out and transplant some of the Q A's lace -- but it seems to do best where it decides to grow. I will move the phlox blocking my path into the front yard....indeed, I will..

Submitted by jawbone on

Early last July, I began having hip/lower back pains which were eventually diagnosed by my GP as sciatica. In September, when I saw the GP, I was put on lots of different pain killers and muscle relaxants. It got worse, but if I sat at the PC for awhile in the morning with my right leg elevated I could then move and work all day, night if necessary. Then would wake with the pain again.

Around Christmas time, it got so bad I couldn't get out of bed over the holiday weekend, I couldn't stand up straight and bending over seemed to take some of the pressure off and lessened the pain briefly. A pain doctor was recommended. That led to two sets of epidural shots, which helped but did not cure things. Two months of physical therapy helped but I plateaued. However, we did figure out that I'd lost sensation on the inside of my right foot; PT, epidurals, or whatever helped, and I can now feel my full foot when walking. A neuro surgeon said I probably had sacroiliac/hip joint issues, and I should get it evaluated. He also said I was "functional," and I should get used to a little pain. And, of course, I was not to garden, bend over, should refrain from lifting, walk only on level surfaces, etc., etc. God, like a death sentence for real life. And who can keep up a house and yard with restrictions like that?

Mid-April I got a shot into the right SI-hip joint, which helped to limit the pains going down the legs, among other areas, but did not stop the tingling and occasional shooting pins/needles in my right foot, leg -- or the morning pain. The doc who did the shot said I should do what I wanted to do physically, until pain interfered, and we'd take it from there. "Life is short," he said.

Now my pain doc has tried something interesting: Based on NIH research into traditional, non-Western medicine, an electrical stimulation device was developed to deliver acupuncture type treatment to patients. For my pain issues, it's a narrow,l inch and a half long battery taped below my left ear, with three tiny needles connected to the battery and placed where they are supposed to help with pain issues. A small pen-like thing was used to determine where to place the needles, based on loudness of the buzzing when placed against the ear.

So far, I'm not sure if it's doing anything (not highest pain this morning, but definitely pain in the usual area, lots of tingling), but it's supposed to stay on for 5 days. Installed on Friday.

Has anyone here heard about such a device? My pain doc refers to it as "P-stim." I googled "p-stim" and found nothing. He said of the 10 patients he's tried it on, most have had some relief.

(I met a woman with fibromyalgia in the waiting room on Friday. Oh, my, now that is a life filled with pain. She's so hoping this p-stim will help, because the only relief she gets is from a shot which she can get only occasionally as it apparently does bad things to people's livers. She says she's ready to say, well, if that's how I can die without the fibromyalgia pain, let me at least live out my remaining days pain free. One shot let's her fell normal for a couple to few hours.... I should not complain.)

Submitted by lambert on

... and they say it really did have a noticeable effect (and an improvement). Can't say whether P-stim or not, I don't remember the technology right off, but it was definitely electrical and for pain. And his symptoms sound a lot like yours (though nobody knows what he's got; it's like some off-the-charts auto-immune thing).

So it's not a medical scam, at the very least. There's something to it!

My friend is also very adept at self-monitoring, so was able to give the doctor some guidance on exactly what was and was not working (IIRC the device needed adjustments).

"Getting old isn't for sissies!" How ridiculous they would tell you to stop gardening, instead of trying to think out a way to help you keep doing it!