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Plantidote of the Day 2011-06-24

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cactus flower

Opuntia ficus-indica or englemannii

Prickly Pear cactus

What would summer be without cactus blossoms? Some of the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen have been growing on gnarled old cacti. The opuntia (I think that's correct, but if not, please feel free to set the record straight) shown above is huge, five or six feet high with branches going off in various directions. It's quite an amazing plant all by itself. But when it flowers, it's truly jaw dropping.

The prickly pear flowers eventually grow into edible fruit. I haven't tried them, but they sound delicious. Maybe someone who's more adventurous can tell us what they taste like. The University of California Small Farms website has a lot more information, including details on medicinal uses.

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Submitted by jerztomato on

Fresh prickly pears taste great (not the ones at the store) Bring a knife, they have small inconspicuous soft spines that can be really unpleasant....not an experience I'd like to repeat.