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Plantidote of the Day 2011-06-10

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Welcome to Self Indulgent Friday! We've gone almost two consecutive weeks without a rose picture and that's way too long, if you ask me. More roses, more roses!! (Feel free to jump in any time!)

This little flower is growing nearby, in a sort of abandoned area, so it's pretty much on its own. It's adapted very nicely to neglect. Apparently roses are way tougher than I thought. And that color! How to describe it -- Flamethrower Orange? Firecracker? Prison Jumpsuit? Suggestions are welcome!

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Submitted by jerztomato on

The rose happens to be one of the few flowers I dislike. The previous owner of my property loved them. There had to be 50 named and patented roses here (they had those metal Jackson and Perkins # tags on them)They are deer magnets! I can't believe how tenacious they are. I disposed of most of them and replaced them w/ other things. I have about 8 left in the backyard. They proved to be difficult to dig out, so I'd weed whack them and they still refused to give up. This year I decided to let them grow. Maybe now they'll die? :-P

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Submitted by twig on

I would've taken those nasty old roses (cough, cough) off your hands.

You're right about them being tenacious. One of the ones I inherited here and dug up to move into a pot has resprouted into a whole new rose bush out in the yard. I must've left some root behind, but it did the rest on its own.

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Submitted by bungalowkitchens on

banksters in jumpsuits doing the perp walk orange!

Submitted by lambert on

Maybe we could actually get a grower to do this. Any thoughts? Then we could ceremoniously present them.

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Submitted by Kathryn on

...bungalow... BanksterPerp Orange.

And here I was thinking it had a buddhist feel to it.

And Jerz, no way. You can mow roses down and they will just love you for it -- and in seriously personal revenge, come right back gangbusters.

When I was little, my mom decided to plant a single rose right in the middle of the front yard. Which irritated the crap out of my dad, because it blew his fast mow pattern. So he started just mowing it down... and eventually that rose won.

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Submitted by twig on

I had no idea they were so hardy. There's an old-fashioned climber on the north side of the house that is completely in shade now because the orange trees are so big. I was afraid to try to move it, thinking roses are soooooo delicate. But maybe I'll try it. When it blooms, it's like living next to a perfume factory -- intoxicating if you like rose scent!