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Plantidote of the Day 2011-01-31

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Mystery flower

This could be a gazania or an African daisy or cape marigold or possibly something else entirely. Obviously, I don't know. And checking online has just been confusing -- after about twenty minutes, everything looks the same. Plus, "African daisy" seems to be a term that is used pretty loosely. One of the garden guides says "names and identities of the plants are often confused, even by seedsmen and nurserymen."

Whatever this is, it's blooming in Zone 10 right now. The foliage is darkish green and delicate, almost papery. The plants are in a sunny spot and seem happy there, with lots of blooms, some purple, others white (you can see a white one peeking through the foliage on the right hand side of the shot). Look familiar? Name that plant and a hat tip could be yours!!

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