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Plantidote of the Day 2011-01-27

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Mystery Iris

This is the most frilly iris I've ever seen, but I have no idea what kind it is. My best guess is that it's a bearded iris, but who knows? The sheer number of different irises is overwhelming, and it's hard for me to identify the characteristics that separate them.

This one is growing in the yard of a neighbor who was president of a national iris society years ago, so it might be something exotic. Or not. Anyone have an idea?

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Submitted by jerztomato on

Nothing exotic here. If your neighbor was past president of the iris society, I bet she has lots of different types. I have many in my yard too, and because I've moved them with me from house to house I've lost track of their names and I keep adding more :)

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Submitted by jerztomato on

It's blooming now? Boy, you're lucky in California!

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Submitted by twig on

Actually, it's past its prime. I went back yesterday to get a better shot and it was too late.

This particular neighbor has tons of gorgeous flowers, but she's very old and has no one to care for them, so her yard is like a wild zone with an occasional surprise like this popping up through the weeds. You never know what you'll find there!