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Plantidote of the Day 2011-01-26

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Rhus ovata

Sugar bush

Sugar bush, a type of sumac, grows wild just about everywhere in California and some other parts of the southwest. It's practically indestructible, unfazed by triple digit heat or temperatures way below freezing. Once established, the plants need very little water and virtually no care. Their root systems are great for keeping California's ever-sliding hillsides in place, and they are excellent fire break plants, too, one of the last things to burn during a wildfire. Plus, birds love love love sumacs.

But wait ... there's more! Those pretty pink flowers turn into small, red fruits that are supposed to be sweet enough to flavor drinks, just like those of its cousin, lemonade berry (Rhus integrifolia). I'll let you know how that works out when the fruit appears in a couple of months.

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Submitted by libbyliberal on

Only sumac I heard about growing up in CT was "poison sumac." This is elegant and I love its fire-resilience capacity.