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Plantidote of the Day 2011-01-21

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mystery flower

Mystery flower

A Corrente visitor sent in a snapshot of this pretty little flower to see if anyone here could identify it. Here's the back story:

I found this growing in full sun next to a waterfall in the upper
   Cullasaja Gorge in Western North Carolina late this past summer. I
   have no idea what it is and have never seen it before.

   I was struck by how formal this flower's structure is.  It looks
   like it belongs in someone's drawing room!

Click on the image to see a larger view. Then let us know what you think it might be. The suspense is killing (some of) us!

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Submitted by goldberry on

...something I saw when I was hiking Panthertown Valley in NC oh so many years ago. The tops of the mountains were decorated with thousands of wildflowers, many I had never seen before. They reminded me of the delicate umbrils seen jn a botticelli painting. I wanted to take pictures but we had a lot of ground to cover, so I just enjoyed the view.
And then there were the mushrooms...

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Submitted by Bryan on

of one type or another.

It looks just like the local dewberries which grow on ground hugging vines with with thorns. The serrated leaf edges are also the same.

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Submitted by twig on

or kidney leaf grass, according to a visitor, who scored the hat tip of the day. Image search "grass of Parnassus" and it looks like the same plant.