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Plantidote of the Day 2011-01-04

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squash seeds

Cucurbita moschata seeds

Butternut squash seeds

These seeds, recently scooped out of a butternut squash, are headed for the garden. But first they'll be cleaned up and dried, then stored in a dark part of the garage until spring. Just one squash usually provides several dozen seeds, enough to grow a truckload of squash, more than most of us have room for.

If you aren't interested in growing squash, the seeds can be eaten raw or roasted, like pumpkin seeds. Apparently, they're quite delicious! But so are squash. Plus, they keep for months and are way more versatile than most people realize. Here's a recent thread on squash that ohio launched a few weeks ago, and here's an interesting website on seasonal eatingwith lots of details on how to buy and cook squash as well. Enjoy!

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