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Plantidote of the Day 2010-12-25

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Tender tropical (zones9-10). Who can resist buying one of those boxes with that great looking flower printed on it? The instructions are on the box. If you stick to the plain red, white or pink coral variety, they're inexpensive ($5). If you didn't allow time for the bulb to grow, you'll pay a lot more for your impatience. It usually takes 7 to 10 weeks from planting to flowering. You can be even more frugal and replant the same bulb next Christmas. Cut off the flower stalks after bloom, but not the leaves. (Don't forget to water). You can keep it outside in the summer. In August refrain from watering it, and move it to a cool location (about 55F). It should drop its leaves. Bring it in the house in October. Clean up the bulb and repot it. Now you're ready to start the process all over again.

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Submitted by kerril on

Amaryllis are amazing every year. Thanks for such a beautiful photo.

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Submitted by twig on

And great instructions, too. Have to try this for next year. Thank you!!