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Plantidote of the Day 2010-12-24

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christmas cactus

Schlumbergera bridgesii

Christmas cactus

This is one of my most favorite plants ever. I know I say that about all the plants I post here, but this one is really, really right up at the top of the list. Honest. When this cactus is in full bloom, it's absolutely dazzling, with dozens of bright red flowers all over it.

Unfortunately, this photo is from last year. My cactus seems to have identity issues. It blooms around Easter, and maybe once again in late summer -- never in December. Whatever. The fact that it blooms is enough for me.

The cactus may not know what day it is, but I do. Happy Everything, everyone!! May whatever you celebrate bring you joy and may peace finally come with the New Year!

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Submitted by Gary...a relati... on

Twig beat me to the punch. Christmas Cactus is a bulletproof houseplant staple for generations.

Relating it to my household, you gotta hand it to cats, they know how to optimize their environment. Our cat Sammy knows how to relax, safely ensconced under a Christmas Cactus that originally came from my wife’s grandmother.

See Sammy's photo over at my blog, Mister Tristan:

twig's picture
Submitted by twig on

Well, it just so happens my avatar disagrees. Actually, he doesn't mind pictures of cats so much as the real things.

Submitted by Fran on

They sit in a sunny window and are pink flowers.

When I lived in CA, there were some outside. A great plant - and easy!


btw, We have a Crown of Thorns plant that has been around the family for probably 50 years!