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Plantidote of the Day (2010-09-22)

Alert reader emilianoZ sends in this random flower:

emilianoZ's random flower

And the back story:

* * *

There's no story associated with that plantidote. It's just some random flower that caught my eye in some random garden.

Whoa, too meta! Can this be true? Can a flower this beautiful be random? Readers, contest time:

What kind of flower is this?!

* * *

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jerztomato's picture
Submitted by jerztomato on

Looks like echinacea purpurea. Purple coneflower. Easy to grow, drought tolerant perennial.

Historiann's picture
Submitted by Historiann on

otherwise known as purple coneflower. It's big here in the perpetually dry high plains desert. That's what they look like before the petals are completely unfurled.