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Plantidote of the Day (2010-09-18)

Alert reader jerztomato sends us this:

jerztomato's Calla Lily

And the back story:

* * *

Name: Zantedeschia aethiopica

Common Name: calla lily "Green Goddess".

I purchased this bulb a few years ago. The blooms aren't always obvious, even though the flower is quite large.

I'm a lazy gardener, I don't like bulbs, corms or what have you, that I have to lift from the garden when it gets cold. This is a survivor! It's listed as a USDA zone 9 perennial. (My garden is 7b/8a)

Lazy is good!

* * *

CONTRIBUTORS SOUGHT It seems that Plantidote of the Day has almost taken off. We're getting great pictures and great stories, and now there's even a little backlog (including one image that I can't bring myself to print without a suitable occasion; you know who you are, and you have not been forgotten). I'm wondering if a group of readers would like to get together, take this idea over and run with it? And improve it? Like the Westerners, including Coyote Creek, did with their Meetup? Or gamers Aeryl, BDBlue, and DanPS did with "Corrente Review of Games"?

* * *

Readers, please post or mail me images and stories for "Plantidote of the Day", which I would like to make a continuing, daily series. You will, of course, win undying fame in the form of a hat tip!

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A gem of a photo. More please!